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Staying In Control With Mediation

Choose a Synergetic Separation

Separating, whether in business or relationships, can become contentious and heated. However, if the individuals involved want to maintain control of their situation, they must find a way to work together towards a resolution.

Mediation successfully helps individuals maintain control of the separation process. This can be extremely beneficial from the standpoint of saving time, reducing expenses and resolving many, if not all, of their legal matters out of court.

Continue reading below to gain a better understanding of how mediation works. Or, if you have some questions and would like to visit personally with me, please click on the button below to book your complementary Introductory Meeting.

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How Does Mediation Work?

Give The Process A Chance

In mediation, disputants (business partners or spouses) enter into a session to discuss what to do with business or marital assets. If children are involved, there's a discussion regarding custodial rights and visitation. Each disputant has his or her attorney to represent them in discussions. A mediator guides the discussions and acts a neutral facilitator of the resolution process.

Reaching a Deal
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The Benefits of Mediation

Confidential - Neutral - Effective

Keep Your Issues Private

  • Business and divorce separations become very public if you go to trial. Mediation offers the opportunity for privacy which protects sensitive family and financial matters.

Keep Your Costs and Time Down

  • Mediation is less expensive than litigation.

  • Mediation takes way less time.

Keep Control Over The Outcome

  • In a trial, a judge who is a total stranger will issue a decision about your future. You have much more control over your future with mediation.

Keep The Relationship Positive

  • A trial is necessarily combative. But, mediation allows you to work with each other, which can maintain an amicable relationship. This is particularly beneficial when children are involved.

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