Custody Coaching - Preparing For Battle

Custody Coaching - Preparing For Battle

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This is your opportunity to have my best selling "how to" book, Custody Coaching - Preparing For Battle, A Game Plan For Success. My book takes a unique approach to case prep. People who have read the book and worked with me have said my book reveals my Transparency and Empathy. And, many have said my process is Transformative.


You'll learn how to build your case around an individualized SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis utilizing unique strategies and tactics empowering your to leverage the Strengths and Opportunities of your case while averting the Weaknesses and Threats of your case. We'll look at eleven key areas for making sure you're ready to go for full custody:

  1. Having a winning game plan.
  2. Hiring the right attorney.
  3. Doing what's in the child's best interest.
  4. The importance of trial preparation.
  5. The way you look and act and the things you say make a difference.
  6. The truth doesn't have to answer the question.
  7. The high road is always more challenging and more rewarding.
  8. Letting the toasters go.
  9. Never involve your children.
  10. Be careful about playing the victim.
  11. It's going to be expensive.


​​​​​​With almost 40 years of successful selling and marketing experience and a personal history of divorce and a successful custody trial, I'm clearly qualified to help you. Please enjoy my book and I look forward to working with you.