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We excel in providing a supportive environment for open dialogue and effective conflict resolution. Discover our tailored services designed to prioritize confidentiality, neutrality, and successful outcomes for all parties involved.

Providing Mediated Settlement Agreements (MSAs)

At Westlake Mediation we know confidentiality and neutrality will be extremely important to you. We also know you will need an Experienced, Proven and Effective mediator. With a proven and successful track record of delivering MSAs, we accomplish all of these things and more.

Westlake Mediation can provide a relaxed and open atmosphere for mediation. We’re available to conduct mediation at our office, your location, or a neutral and mutually agreed upon location. We’ve found a great solution when clients can’t meet us in person – virtual mediation! It’s been a big hit and we’re so happy to be delivering great outcomes for our clients, no matter their situation.

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Bruce Wallace

With over 30 years of mediation experience, Bruce prioritizes understanding each party’s motivations to navigate towards resolution. As a Certified Mediator with a background in strategic distribution and c-suite negotiations, he brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. Let’s work together to save you time, headaches, and money by resolving your dispute or separation issues. Schedule your complimentary meeting today.

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It can be intimidating if you’ve never been to mediation. This is an excellent opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered. We are happy to help you whether or not you end up using our services. 

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