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Bruce Wallace

Founder & President

With over 30 years of successful negotiation experience, Bruce Wallace is keenly aware of the significant importance of understanding each side’s motivations and issues. As your mediator, Bruce’s primary objective is to champion and facilitate the mediation process. This process allows each participant the opportunity to voice their position and express their needs. It’s our job to uncover each participants’ underlying interests so we can begin to navigate towards a resolution which will satisfy as many of these interests as possible.

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Years of experience

Successful mediation requires honed listening skills. Patience is extremely important. Successful mediators don’t force their opinions or subject matter expertise into the conversation. For these and other reasons, some of the most successful mediators are not attorneys. With all the legal positioning happening around your situation it might be extremely beneficial to work with someone who is not jaded by the legal aspects of your dispute.

Honed listening skills

Bruce Wallace became a certified mediator through the University of Texas at Austin School of Law and served on staff with the Austin Dispute Resolution Center. He graduated Baylor University with a BA in Communications, a minor in Business, and earned his CLU (the equivalent of a Masters in Financial Services) from the American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Bruce served as the senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Distribution for ING, US preparing for their IPO to Voya; and, served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for National Western Life, an Austin, Texas based life insurance company.

Qualified to meet your needs

Preserving Professional Relationships Through Mediation

If there’s the possibility you’ll need to maintain a professional or cordial relationship, let’s work together to resolve your dispute or separation issues. We’re certain if we remain loyal to the mediation process, we will have an opportunity to save you time, headaches, heartaches and money.

Embracing Family Values

At Westlake Mediation, we understand that life’s challenges often extend beyond mere business dealings. Our approach to mediation is deeply rooted in the values of family and empathy. Just as we cherish the harmony and understanding within our own families, we extend the same care and consideration to yours.

Family at a college sporting event

We recognize the importance of preserving relationships, nurturing understanding, and fostering a sense of unity, especially during times of dispute or separation. With heartfelt compassion and unwavering empathy, we guide our clients towards resolution, drawing parallels to the harmonious approach we uphold within our own families.

The owner of Westlake mediation with his family

Bruce’s story is a perfect example of how mediation and time can make for an amazing blended family. Pictured above is his family. His older daughter’s biological mom; and ex-wife, are pictured with his wife and their biological daughter. The Wallace’s have learned how to successfully navigate the nuances of co-parenting which has given their daughters a very deep understanding of the importance of family.

Custody Coaching

Preparing For Battle: A Game Plan For Success

No matter the situation, we’re here to help you achieve the best outcome. Discover invaluable insights and strategies in Bruce Wallace’s book, designed to empower you through divorce and child custody challenges. With nearly three decades of experience, trust in our expertise to guide you towards resolution and success. Ready to take control? Purchase the book now and start your journey towards a brighter future.

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It can be intimidating if you’ve never been to mediation. This is an excellent opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered. We are happy to help you whether or not you end up using our services. 

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