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Westlake Mediation

Providing Mediated Settlement Agreements (MSAs)

At Westlake Mediation we know confidentiality and neutrality will be extremely important to you. We also know you will need an Experienced, Proven and Effective mediator. We accomplish all of these things and more.

Westlake Mediation can provide a relaxed and open atmosphere for mediation. We're available to conduct mediation at your location or a neutral and mutually agreed upon location. We're also having success utilizing virtual mediation when clients have logistical issues preventing a face-to-face meeting. And finally, we're proud to offer multi-lingual mediation in Spanish, French, German; or, any other language you may require.

For more information about our services, please click on the Our Services tab above; or, click on the button below to book your complementary Introductory Meeting with us. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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Let's Get To Know Each Other

Mediation, if you've never experienced it, might be intimidating. One of my mentors once told me, "When you know; and, you know that you know, confidence replaces fear." With this in mind, it's my recommendation we get to know each other. Whether you use my services or not, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about mediation or me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


More About Me

Experienced - Neutral - Effective

Bruce Wallace

Founder & President


With over 30 years of successful negotiation experience, I’m keenly aware of the significant importance of understanding each side’s motivations and issues. As your mediator, it’s my primary objective to champion and facilitate the mediation process. This process allows each participant the opportunity to voice their position and express their needs. It’s my job to uncover each participants’ underlying interests so we can begin to navigate towards a resolution which will satisfy as many of these interests as possible.

Successful mediation requires honed listening skills. Patience is extremely important. Successful mediators don’t force their opinions or subject matter expertise into the conversation. For these and other reasons, some of the most successful mediators are not attorneys. With all the legal positioning happening around your situation it might be extremely beneficial to work with someone who is not jaded by the legal aspects of your dispute.

I became a Certified Mediator through the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the University of Texas School of Law. I graduated Baylor University with a BA in Communications and earned my CLU (the equivalent of a Masters in Financial Services) from the American college. I served as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Distribution for ING, US preparing for their IPO to Voya. And, I’ve been the Chief Marketing Officer for a large life insurance company. I fully understand c-suite negotiations. Bruce's personal mediation experience combined with his professional background uniquely qualifies him to help you. 

If there’s the possibility you’ll need to maintain a professional or cordial relationship, let’s work together to resolve your dispute or separation issues. I’m certain if we remain loyal to the mediation process, we will have an opportunity to save you time, headaches, heartaches and money. Please take advantage of a complementary meeting with me.


Warm Regards,


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Have A Question?

It can be intimidating if you've never been to mediation. This is an excellent opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered. I'm happy to help you whether or not you end up using my services. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Austin, Texas  78746

Thanks for reaching out. We'll be in touch soon.

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