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Individual help to prepare for mediation or trial.
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How Does Coaching Work for You?

One-on-one personalized sessions

Life presents us with unexpected challenges, but with coaching for mediation and trial preparation, you gain control over how you respond to legal disputes. Through personalized sessions, you’ll discover the power of choice and learn to navigate legal proceedings with confidence and resilience.

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Our Services

Our coaching service is designed to empower you to take control of your response to legal challenges. Through personalized guidance and support, you’ll develop practical skills and strategies to effectively address obstacles and advocate for your interests.

With our dedicated support, you’ll not only gain confidence but also resilience to navigate mediation or trial proceedings successfully, ensuring you can face legal disputes with clarity and determination.

Custody Coaching

Preparing For Battle: A Game Plan For Success

Bruce Wallace has been there and done that. In fact, this was the key motivator for him becoming a Mediator. Bruce experienced many ups and downs along the way; and, learned many valuable lessons through experience. Some of these lessons were learned the hard way.


If you want to avoid learning the hard way, you might be interested in buying a copy of Bruce’s book, Custody Coaching – Preparing For Battle. This book is informative, easy to read, and full of lots of practical advice. Follow the link below to get your copy from Amazon today. 

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Benefits of Our Services

Coaching for mediation and trial preparation equips you with tools to face life’s surprises head-on. By offering personalized support and strategies, coaching helps you navigate legal disputes with confidence and clarity. Our coaching service provides numerous benefits:

Enhanced communication skills

Improved decision-making abilities

Increased ability to advocate effectively

We’re happy to help!

It can be intimidating if you’ve never been to mediation. This is an excellent opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered. We are happy to help you whether or not you end up using our services. 

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