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Conflict Resolution Concierge Services

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Conflict Resolution Concierge Services

Our Conflict Resolution Concierge Services Provide You With Professional Advice When You Need It For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Legal Fees

One-on-one personalized Advice

Make no mistake, we are not providing legal advice; but, the advice we do provide could help you successfully navigate and resolve your dispute and maintain a congenial and professional relationship with the other party to your conflict.

Have questions? Call or text us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our Conflict Resolution Concierge Services.


Here’s a sample of the advice we provide

  • Financial advice.
  • Compromise recommendations.
  • Visitation questions.
  • Spousal support recommendations.
  • Communication recommendations.
  • Standard Possession Order (SPO) review.
  • Children’s Best Interest recommendations.
  • And, much more.

With our dedicated support, you’ll not only gain confidence but also resilience to navigate mediation or trial proceedings successfully, ensuring you can face legal disputes with clarity and determination.

Don’t go to a family member, friend or co-worker for advice when you find yourself in a serious conflict. Go to an unbiased Conflict Resolution Professional (CRP) who’s had years of experience helping others with the same concerns you’re experiencing. CRPs don’t have an emotional investment in your situation and therefore will give it to you straight and prepare you for the likely answer you might get if you wind up in a mediation, arbitration or trial. CRPs can save you thousands of dollars.

How does the Conflict Resolution Concierge Service work?

Text, Email or Call, within our regular business hours; and, a CRP will get back to you no later than the next business day – guaranteed! And, when you enroll, you’ll get a free copy of Bruce Wallace’s book, Custody Coaching.

If you refer a client to us and they enroll, we’ll give you your next month FREE!

We Created This Service Because When Our Clients Need Advice, They Need It Quickly.

We know when our clients have questions and concerns leading up to and after a mediation, arbitration, or trial, they don’t necessarily want to go to the time and expense to visit with their attorney. We offer an alternative to this situation.

Additionally, just because the mediation, arbitration, or trial is over, it doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself having to navigate a delicate and ongoing relationship with the other party. Being a Conflict Resolution Concierge Client, you always have access to our CRPs, before, during and after your situation is resolved. This service will help you maintain a positive relationship with the other party for months and even years beyond a settlement.

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions we get

  • Should I ask for $XX,XXX due to my injury or will that be considered unreasonable?
  • Should I tell my ex-spouse I’m taking my kid out-of-town this coming weekend during my standard possession time?
  • I can’t afford my spousal maintenance this month, what do I do?
  • Do I have to refund my client 100% of my fee; or, can I get by with something less?

The list could go on and on; and, while you think the answers to these questions might be obvious, the nuances of how you respond might surprise you; and, could save you time and money.

Our Conflict Resolution Concierge Service is billed monthly at $89/month and you can cancel at any time. Click here to enroll today!

We’re happy to help!

Still not sure our Conflict Resolution Concierge Services are right for you? This is an excellent opportunity to have any questions or concerns answered for free.

We look forward to hearing from you.