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The Advantages of Using a Mediator

Dealing with the need to resolve a legal dispute can be a complicated challenge, and everyone

copes and reacts to it in his or her own way. It's natural to feel some anxiety and stress when

faced with the need for legal services, but choosing a mediator instead is frequently your best


If you need a top-notch mediator, you can feel confident that Bruce Wallace of Westlake

Mediation has thorough and expert knowledge regarding the mediation service you need. Bruce

is dedicated and determined, and he enjoys helping people come to resolutions that are

satisfactory to all parties.

Here are five solid reasons why people in disputes should consider resolving their differences

using mediation instead of litigation or other forms of fighting.

1. Mediation is generally less expensive.

2. It can take as long as a year to get a court date, and many years if a case is appealed.

Mediation frequently resolves disputes a lot more quickly, so parties can get on with their

business or personal lives.

3. Parties are generally more satisfied with solutions that have been mutually agreed upon,

as opposed to solutions that are made by a third party decision-maker.

4. Mediated settlements can address legal and extra-legal issues, in that the parties can tailor

their settlement to their particular situation.

5. Parties who negotiate their own settlements have more control over the dispute’s

outcome, meaning that gains and losses are more predictable.

During your complementary meeting with Bruce Wallace at Westlake Mediation, you will have

the opportunity to discuss your goals. He will evaluate your particular case and discuss specific

areas of concern you may have. Bruce’s goal is to offer a clear picture of all the options available

to you and deliver the results you hope for. Book your meeting with Bruce today! You can reach

him at 512-820-2745 or Let him help you!

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